One Man's Trash is Opportunity for Professor Arcega to Create Art

Tuesday, March 03, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “The overall project is based on an anthropologist named Horace Miner, he wrote about the ‘Nacirema,’ which (spelled) backward is American,“ Arcega said. “I’m trying to make things about, for and maybe from the Naciremans, so it’s a kind of fiction; there is a little room for play in there.” The curator for the artist-in-residence program and SF State alumna Sharon Spain said she saw Arcega’s exhibit proposal as a possible look into society and how it is identified through discards. “I think Michael’s work dealing with the concept of the ‘Nacirema’ is really a perfect fit for this residency,” Spain said. “It’s a strangely democratic reflection of the community at large.” The residency program will provide the sculptor and installation artists with a studio, a monthly stipend and unlimited access to the dump area for materials.