Alum Kathy Ostram Remembers Late Guitarist Sam Andrew

Monday, February 23, 2015
DIGITAL JOURNAL -- The death of guitarist Sam Andrew stirred not only Rolling Stone to publish a reflective and stirring obit, but Andrew's death got one local Northern California woman who met Andrew to reflect on those San Francisco days, when the Haight-Ashbury was an epicenter for a California rock and roll sound that attracted thousands. “When I heard about it, said Kathy Ostram, I was sad, that is why I made a post to Facebook,” she said. Ostram, whose maiden name is Bramwell, back in the late 1960s was a college newspaper reporter, earning her Bachelor’s degree. In her post on Facebook Ostram wrote, “I first saw Big Brother and the Holding Company on Halloween in a basement hall in San Francisco with Quicksilver in 1965. Then, again at The Avalon and had dinner with them at the Smorgasbord restaurant at Monterey Pop. Sam was so gracious and granted me an interview for the paper at SF State University. I’m so sad and wish he could have stayed longer.”