Alumna Jamie Oliveira's Portrait Series Transforms Sensitivity into Strength

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The book, titled “(more than) dust,” creates a conversation about misogyny and minimization through a series of personal portraits and stylized typography. “I think there’s this expectation to tolerate this kind of treatment,” Oliveira said. “But opening up and talking about it helps us to realize that we don’t have to tolerate it anymore.” Oliveira has photographed 16 women, including multiethnic and transgendered individuals. She intends to broaden her scope of inclusion by including older women and will launch a Kickstarter at the end of February to fund publishing and production costs. Farah Amezcua, a Creative Writing graduate student at SF State, posed for a portrait featured in the upcoming book. She was intrigued by Oliveira’s vision to combine photography and poetry to convey an underlying message that she could relate to personally.