Student G.V. Kelley Brings Clay to Life

Thursday, February 05, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- G.V. Kelley takes a big square of brown clay out of a dusty closet, puts on an apron and begins molding. Slowly ripping apart pieces of clay, Kelley forms a head while also completing a body form made up of breasts and a round butt. Within just 10 minutes, Kelley has sculpted a big brown square of nothing into something. Kelley, 28, is an SF State post-baccalaureate student with an undergraduate degree in ceramics sculpture. Kelley was invited to stay on the program following graduation to prepare for Kelley’s graduate portfolio and build experience. Kelley started ceramics sculpture after graduating from high school, but has been sculpting and building things more or less for Kelley’s whole life. “As a kid I kind of had a wild imagination and wanted to physically see the things I would imagine in my head,” Kelley said. “I also really found most toys really disappointing, and I wanted to make ones that I like that suited my desires and needs as a child.”