Alum Israel Ramos: Young Mission Talent in Videography

Thursday, January 22, 2015
MISSION LOCAL AND SFGATE -- Israel Ramos is a 25-year-old video director and San Francisco State University cinematography graduate, as well as the creative director for the Hungrie Ones, a Mission District production collective. Israel has lived on 24th Street his entire life. His work ranges from directing, shooting, editing, and location scouting for music videos to photography. He does it all. “The Mission plays a definite role in inspiring my art. It can be as simple as walking down a street where nearly every building is used as a canvas for other artists,” Ramos says. “It’s a collection of small aspects that all mold into what makes the Mission such a hub for growth as an artist — Smelling the sage that burns in the streets as Aztec dancers perform, the smell of fresh baked bread on York Street before the sun rises, the youth, local artists, merchants and neighborhood familiar faces.”