Faculty Spotlight: Dee Spencer

Wednesday, January 07, 2015
SF STATE NEWS -- Associate Professor and Chair of Music and Dance Dee Spencer, a jazz pianist, talks about growing up in a family of musicians, the importance of practice and her golf game. What is your favorite thing about teaching at SF State? “I love the students here. The students are amazing. It’s the most diverse and interesting and fascinating and inspirational body I’ve ever met, and from every walk of life. I just never tire of our students.” Do you have any good study tips for students in your field? “You have to love the process of things. Our society tends to put a lot of emphasis on the end results of things, but you have to love practicing. You have to love learning, and you have to love the process of learning and improving your life. And you have to realize you are your best investment. I tell my students this all the time. Don’t worry, you’re going to get some ROI on yourself. You will. That’s what college should be about. Learning, investing, growing.”