Professor Funabiki: Journalists Can play Pivotal Role in Detroit's Rebirth

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Photo of Detroit skyline

RENAISSANCE JOURNALISM -- Journalism Professor Jon Funabiki writes an opinion article on how journalists can help revitalize Detroit, an iconic American city mired in deep economic crisis.

“A ‘Grand Bargain’ dreamed up by a federal judge and funded by a covey of foundations has helped to rescue the city of Detroit from bankruptcy and $18 billion in debts. Now comes the hard part: rebuilding the public’s trust in government and the schools, repairing frayed relations among various racial and other groups, and wooing new residents, businesses and investors,” Funabiki writes.

“That means changing people’s perceptions about Detroit, making people believe that it is the place to be, rather than to flee. How journalists portray Detroit as it emerges from bankruptcy will have a big impact on the public’s perceptions, not just locally, but nationally as well.”