Twitter’s Former Chief Scientist Talks Social Media, Apps and Finding Happiness In It All

Monday, November 17, 2014

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Chowdhury, CEO of Pushd, a company that develops mobile apps, visited SF State last Thursday to talk about the power of social media and the direction it is heading today.

The event was hosted by Communication Studies and initiated by Professor Christina Sabee, who knows Chowdhury through their childrens’ school. She invited Chowdhury to a question and answer segment in the Humanities Auditorium. Students, professors and anyone interested in Chowdhury’s work were encouraged to leave their phones on and tweet #abdursays to interact with the speakers.

“His method in which he sees large pools of data and how it relates to social media … so much of it resonated with me,” Sabee said. Chowdhury started Pushd after leaving Twitter to initially pursue other interests. “Everyone’s gotta find their happiness,” he said. “Happiness to me is waking up at 3am perplexed by a problem that I want to solve.”

Photo: Annastashia Goolsby