The College of Liberal and Creative Arts Staff Excellence Awards

In appreciation of our excellent LCA college staff and in recognition of the outstanding service they provide the university, college and departments, we are pleased to announce the inauguration of the College of Liberal Arts Staff Excellence Awards program. Two awards are available: The first award recognizes excellence in innovation by a staff member in LCA, and the second award recognizes outstanding individual performance by a staff member in LCA. These awards are an opportunity for the College to honor outstanding staff who have contributed significantly to the campus.

Eligibility: All full-time staff who have worked in LCA for at least one year. Nominees can work in any position or area in the college.

Excellence in Innovation Award Description and Criteria

Innovation and a creative approach are vital to an educational institution–This award has been created to recognize staff who bring fresh ideas to their work, inspire a spirit of innovation, or are willing to take a chance.

Awards are granted to one-time innovations or creations resulting in a significant impact on process, work flow, or department and/or unit function. This may be either reflected in efficiency gains, increased work product, or morale improvements in the department/unit.

Personal characteristics to consider – the nominee could meet one or all of these attributes:

  • RECEPTIVE: Open to others’ ideas; values diversity of perspective; curious about people, concepts and issues, and on the lookout for new ideas.

  • SUPPORTS INNOVATION IN OTHERS:Creates environments in which employees have the freedom, tools, or resources to challenge the status quo, push boundaries and achieve growth; uses mistakes as opportunities for learning.

  • WILLING TO TAKE RISKS: Not afraid to break with the norm and push past conventional ways of doing things.

  • CREATIVE:Finds innovative solutions; sees new possibilities; takes new ideas from concept to reality.

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Outstanding Individual Performance Award Description and Criteria

This award is presented to staff members who consistently demonstrate a high level of commitment and dedication to their colleagues and workplace. They excel in the performance of their job duties, have a positive and influential impact on their work environment, and foster cooperation and collaboration among their peers and supervisors while carrying out their responsibilities.

Personal characteristics to consider – the nominee could meet one or all of these attributes:

  • HIGH PERFORMING: shows a strong work ethic and stays focused on what’s important; takes on the tough challenges; looks for opportunities to take initiative and/or exceed expectations; produces results under challenging circumstances and changing environments.

  • DEMONSTRATES AND/OR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: prioritizes professional development; looks for opportunities to grow their skills and knowledge; strives to do work more efficiently and effectively; sets stretch goals for themselves.

  • ENGAGED: invested in the university’s success; a team player in the department or work group; volunteers and/or takes part in university events and programs; an ambassador for the university as an employee.

  • COLLABORATIVE: works collaboratively with colleagues at various levels at the university; a team player; shows initiative and reciprocal participation in problem solving.

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Honorees receive a stipend of $250 for the Excellence in Innovation or Outstanding Individual Performance award. In addition, honorees receive a commemorative certificate.

By recognizing the achievements of our outstanding staff, we acknowledge our culture of excellence and celebrate the community we create together.

Nominations via a Qualtrics survey are due by Friday, August 3rd, 2018 by 5:00 p.m. for all excellence awards. Individuals may be considered for both awards, but can only receive one award per year. Qualtrics links will be sent directly to LCA faculty and staff as well as posted on the LCA website under Faculty Resources.