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Industrial Arts Thesis Presentations

Friday, May 9, 2014
9:00am - 6:00pm
Industrial Arts Thesis Presentations
Master of Arts candidates in Industrial Arts present their theses and creative work projects. Free.
Fine Arts Building, Room 123

Thesis presentations

  • Ani Abgarian: Creating an Educational Gaming Experience with Sensory Interfaces for the Elderly First-Time Users
  • Christina Gotuaco: Fostering a Better Moving Experience Through Innovation in Furniture Joinery
  • Zsofia Gutvill: The Bottom Line: A Women’s Line of Dress Shoes Offering Functional Arch Support
  • William Lay: The Role of Visual Communication Design in the Free Burma Socio-Political Movement
  • Kayvan Mojtahedzadeh: Designing a Better Wakeup Experience for Couples
  • Eric Rosen: Flow-Meter: Water Conservation Through Innovation
  • Boriana Viljoen: Tidal Currents: The Silent Force of the San Francisco Bay
  • Kenji Wada: Promoting Biking Among Low-Income Chinese Immigrants in San Francisco
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